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Mellow Mushroom Ocala, FL

Project Overview: Mellow Mushroom’s Interior Upgrade

In Ocala, Florida, we took on a collaborative effort with Mellow Mushroom’s corporate office and franchise owner to revamp the interior of an existing building.

The primary goal was to modernize and refresh the interior space, providing a contemporary atmosphere for Mellow Mushroom patrons.

Before After The Mellow Mushroom During it's building phaseAfter the construction is complete of the Mellow Mushroom in Ocala, Florida

Working closely with the Mellow Mushroom team, Benmar Construction strategically upgraded the interior within the existing building shell. This collaboration aimed at optimizing the space for both functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Design and Integration:
Benmar Construction seamlessly integrated Mellow Mushroom’s distinctive branding into the interior design. The collaborative effort ensured a cohesive look that resonated with the restaurant’s identity.

Modernization and Optimization:
The interior transformation included careful modernization, selecting amenities that enhanced the contemporary dining experience. The layout was optimized for efficiency, creating a fresh and inviting environment.


The project resulted in a successful interior upgrade, providing Mellow Mushroom in Ocala with a revitalized space that aligns with modern aesthetics and the restaurant’s unique character.

Benmar Construction’s expertise in interior transformations, coupled with a collaborative approach with the Mellow Mushroom team, shines through in the renewed space. The upgraded interior stands as a testament to successful teamwork, creating a modern and tailored environment that enhances the overall dining experience.

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