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Benmar Construction, LLC

West Shore Homes, Ocala FL

Tenant Improvement Project for West Shore Homes

In a remarkable collaboration between Benmar Construction and IRG Florida, LLC, a tenant improvement project was undertaken to transform a commercial space into a vibrant and functional hub for West Shore Homes.

Project Overview

The project focused on revitalizing an outdated commercial space owned by IRG Florida, LLC, to meet the specific needs of West Shore Homes. The goal was to create an inspiring and efficient workspace for the company’s growing team.

Before After Cubical Area BeforeCubical Area After
Strategic Planning and Design:

Benmar Construction, known for its strategic approach, conducted a thorough needs assessment in collaboration with West Shore Homes. The design phase prioritized optimizing the space for efficiency, introducing a layout that aligned with the company’s workflow and operational requirements.

Compliance and Regulations:

Navigating local regulations seamlessly, Benmar Construction secured all necessary permits to ensure a smooth and compliant construction process. Adherence to legal requirements was a priority, setting the foundation for a successful project.

Execution and Collaboration:

As a dedicated project manager, Benmar Construction executed the project with precision. Transparent communication and regular updates were maintained to ensure alignment with West Shore Homes’ vision. Collaboration remained central throughout the construction process.

Branding Integration and Technology Upgrade:

Benmar Construction strategically integrated West Shore Homes’ branding into the design, reflecting the company’s identity throughout the workspace. The technology infrastructure was upgraded to support the evolving needs of the tenant, ensuring a modern and future-proofed environment.

Results and Impact:

The transformation was dramatic. Dark and outdated gave way to a bright, dynamic workspace that fostered creativity and productivity. Cubicles filled the office space, large hallways facilitated seamless movement, and the expanded break room became a communal space for team collaboration.

Benmar Construction’s tenant improvement project for West Shore Homes stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence. By blending strategic planning, design precision, and a collaborative approach, the project not only met but exceeded the expectations of both IRG Florida, LLC, and West Shore Homes. It serves as a shining example of how a well-executed tenant improvement project can breathe new life into commercial spaces, creating environments that inspire success.

Project Photos